1. Park and watershed properties are open sunrise to sunset daily. Trespassing is prohibited during closed hours without permit.
  2. All parks are governed by all of the rules and ordinances of the City of Newport News and York County, Virginia state code and federal regulations.
  3. Hunting and trapping are prohibited.
  4. Motor vehicles and equipment are prohibited without permit. 
  5. All natural and historical resources are protected by law; collection of any resource is by permit only.
  6. The use and possession of metal detectors is prohibited.  
  7. Pets must remain on a leash at all times.  
  8. Unauthorized dumping of any type, to include vegetation or natural debris, is prohibited.
  9. Unauthorized trail construction or maintenance, to include any ground disturbance that may result in erosion or site deterioration, is prohibited.
  10. Cutting or defacing of any trees or vegetation is prohibited.
  11. The introduction of any plant or wildlife is prohibited without permit.
  12. Feeding and/or baiting of wildlife is prohibited.
  13. Storage of private property on public land is prohibited.
  14. Placing of any geocache, trail camera or other recording device is by permit only.
  15. Fishing is permitted at designated areas only.  Dams, pump stations and storm water management ponds are not permitted areas.
  16. Camping and campfires are only permitted in the Newport News Park Campground.
  17. Swimming, to include pets, is not permitted in any body of water, except for Huntington Beach.
  18. The discharge of any missile is prohibited.  This includes any projectile such as pellets, paintballs, arrows, and firearms.
  19. Possession and consumption of alcohol and drugs is prohibited.  
  20. The placing or posting of any sign or marker is by permit only.
  21. The use of any private watercraft is by permit only.  Launching of any watercraft shall be at approved locations only.
  22. The open carrying of firearms is prohibited.  Lawful concealed carry permit holders may carry firearms provided they have their permit and government issued identification on their person at all times.

Permitted activities and designated areas for activities are regulated, and may be changed as needed, for public safety or source water protection. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please call Park Headquarters at 757-886-7912.