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To register for one of the leagues below, please visit the registration office below. Click below to register online and search for the sport you are looking to join. Online registration through Active Net will not be available for baseball, cheerleading, football, and softball.

Central Athletic Office

Warwick Recreation Center
29 Copeland Lane
Newport News, Virginia 23601




Monday – Friday

10 AM – 7 PM


10 AM to 2 PM

Closed Sundays

Additional in-person registration sites include Brittingham-Midtown Community Center, Courthouse Way Community Center, Denbigh Community Center, Doris Miller Community Center, City Center at Oyster Point Department Office (700 Town Center Drive, Suite 320), and Riverview Gymnastics Center (hours may vary at these sites; these sites only accept credit, check, or money order. NO CASH).

ADULT athletic programs

Adult Softball

We offer two seasons – Fall (Fee. $425) and Spring (Fee. $525) and have both Co-ed and Men’s Leagues (18+). All games will be played at the Stoney Run Athletic Complex. Contact Athletic Staff at (757) 591-4892. 

Spring Softball
  • Schedule
  • Spring Rules
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Fall Softball
  • Schedule
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Team Meeting:

August 15, 2022 6:30pm Denbigh Community Center

Adult Field Hockey

We offer three seasons – Summer, Fall, and Winter (Indoor) (Fee. $30 NN Resident) (Fee. $45 Non-NN Resident) All games will be played at Riverview Farm Park. Contact Athletic Staff at (757) 591-4892.

Summer Field Hockey
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  • Standings
Winter Indoor Field Hockey
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  • Standings
Beach Volleyball

COED Volleyball doubles leagues are played at Huntington Beach. 

  • Schedule

NNPR stresses the importance of good sportsmanship on and off the field from all of our players, coaches, and spectators. We want all players and their families to have a great experience with NNPRT Athletics. Please see our Codes of Conducts for our program expectations below:

Click Here for Parent/Participant Code of Conduct
Click Here for Coach Code of Conduct

– Coaches, players, and spectators must behave accordingly in a respectful, courteous, and sportsmanlike manner at all times and must abide by the City of Newport News recreation sports rules, policies, and code of conduct.

– Practice and game balls are supplied by NNPRT. No outside balls are allowed inside the gym.

– Head coaches are responsible for their own conduct as well as the conduct of their assistant coaches, players, and spectators affiliated with the team.

– Food and drinks are not permitted in the gyms (food/ drinks must be consumed in the designated eating areas).

– NO jewelry may be worn during games at any time.  This includes, but is not limited to, hair beads, starter earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other item worn anywhere on the body.  Coaches are advised to follow this policy in practices as well.  Using athletic tape or similar material to cover jewelry is not allowed for any reason.  Athletic wristbands and headbands made of cloth material may be worn any time. Medical alert necklaces or bracelets may be worn provided they are taped to the body.

– Snacks for players must be provided outside the gym after the games.

– Players are allowed to bring in water/sports drinks during practice and scheduled games.

– The City of Newport News prohibits the use of alcohol, tobacco or tobacco products as well as any type of vaping on school or recreational facility grounds, including athletic fields, parking lots and surrounding areas within one hundred (100) yards.

– Children not participating in an athletic activity must be supervised at all times while they are at an athletic facility or field.

– The Athletic Staff or facility supervisors have the right to remove anyone from the gym who is considered disruptive.

– There will be strict supervision of halls and restrooms. Anyone using the restrooms or any other part of the facility without permission will be subject to suspension from the facility. Teams who go into the hall must have permission of the Facility Staff and must clean the area as they leave. Failure to take proper care and precautions in City of Newport News facilities may cause a team to lose these privileges.

– The facilities used for our programs are closed at the conclusion of the final game for the evening. All players must have been picked up by this time.

Interested in Coaching? Background check links will be given out prior to each season. If you have any questions regarding our background check policy, be sure to ask Athletic Staff.